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Question Subject: SV university LLB 3 year 1Sem results
12-31-2015 06:58 PM
SV university LLB 3 year 1Sem results
Kindly let me know when will SV university published LLB 1 Sem results
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02-2-2016 06:18 PM
This is law exam. As in courts the university also adjourns the matter. The exams which have to be started in Jan.2015 was taking adjournments up to May 2015.Don't you know the 2011-14 academic course took how many adjournments to start the course?
So let us wait for some more adjournments till six or even seven or eight years to complete if any arrears remain with you. Don't dream of completing the course with in three years. They just take their own time Mr.Chella. They have their own problems as there are many courses with the university to deal.Whenever they find the time they release the results.
Don't be panic . Wait till they publish ...